timelapse video of your projects

  • rugged, 100% solar-powered cameras
  • capture anything from a few hours to several years
  • HD-1080p video for documentation and PR
  • any resolution, duration, frame-rate or format
SWRPA water
reservoir construction timelapse

7 frame extract from a
438 frame sequence

maketimelapse.com is a specialist HD timelapse video production service providing made-to-order timelapse sequences for industry and government. We can produce timelapse sequences of any subject in any resolution (we to HD-1080p), duration (seconds to hours) and format (flash, blu-ray, dvd and more). Contact us today to find out more.

Preview of Griffith Bridge assembly (Smith street) downloadable version mp4, 480x320, 4min 46sec, 35mb
Long-term specialists

Long-term specialists

Our speciality is long-term HD timelapse. Our 100% solar-powered cameras are specifically designed to film for years on end in remote areas to produce truly unique sequences. find out more

Gateway bridge duplication

Gateway bridge duplication

Maketimelapse.com is proud to announce the availability of high-definition timelapse footage documenting the entire 2½ year construction of the second Brisbane Gateway Bridge, from inception in late 2007 to completion in mid 2010. find out more

Construction documentation

Construction projects

Timelapse footage, and long-term timelapse footage in particular, is becoming a regular fixture of major construction and infrastructure projects. Once created, it finds many uses including progress review, PR, best-practice review and more. find out more